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Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup at San Diego Comic-Con update…


We’re hard at work getting things ready for the Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup at San Diego Comic-Con! (official announcement coming soon.)

Just a reminder that we will NOT be holding this at the San Diego Convention Center. This way EVERYBODY can attend whether they have a ticket for SDCC or not.

Also: it will be all ages. Also: we’re coming up with lots of interesting things to do. Also: there will be punch and pie (or something punch-like and something pie-like.)

Also: there’s a contest to design the art for the Doctor Who Meetup! It’ll be featured (with your tumblr blog’s name) on every invite and every giveaway. You can enter even if you can’t attend the meetup. We’ll say good things about you in your absence. It’ll be like that scene in Vincent and The Doctor.

Instructions on how to submit your art here.

Also: this will be an official Tumblr meetup which makes us SUUUUPER excited as the Tumblr staff really appreciates us Whovians. We’ve been wanting to do something with them for a while. (They’re co-sponsoring along with BBC America.) No word on whether TommyPom, the official Tumblr Pomeranian is going to show up, tho.

And that’s it for now. More to come soon.


PLEASE LET THIS BE NOT SATURDAY.  I’ve committed my life to Hall H on Saturday, so I hope it’s another day!  It looks like the official Doctor Who panel might be on Sunday, so maybe afterwards?

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